Monday, February 2, 2015

Update English Section

We have updated the English section of the blog, putting together all those materials in English language which we uploaded since the beginning of the blog. As it would be expected it covers a wide range of issues: from media coverage that looks like PR for US army officers (now disgraced Coronel Petraeus) to how Africa is perceived in western eyes and screens (Five myths about Africa) or how high-security prisons in the US are proliferating despite their toil on inmates physical and mental health ; we included two urgent actions issued by Amnesty International,  for a US prisoner then in death row (subsequently executed despite doubts regarding his conviction) and a cartoonist in Sri Lanka whose whereabouts remain unknown;  we used two Human Rights Watch Reports to illustrate two very  different human rights crisis: the cost in terms of human lives of the War on Drugs in Mexico (specially under Vicente Calderon´s administration) and the torture program developed under the Bush administration  for which no official has been indicted nor brought to justice. We also echoed the acknowledgement by Colombia´s government (following a requirement by the IACHR) of its responsibility in the assassination by a paramilitary squad of Manuel Cepeda Vargas in August 1994. 
We have also  covered the increasing gap between social classes through pieces by Eugene Robinson and David Brooks, also at the time of the 2012 riots in UK a piece by Slalov Zizek on the 2005  revolt of French banlieues.We consecrated extensive space to the fate of Aaron Swartz, his perspectives on A2K (including the open access guerrilla manifesto)  and the persecution he faced from US authorities that drove him to kill himself in 2011. Public Health is an important focus of attention for this blog, hence we have devoted several posts to some of its main components such as Access to Medicines (A2M) specially regarding pricing (difficulties facing NHS in the procurement of cancer drugs and a recently released MSF report on vaccine pricing); we also examined the details regarding some licensing agreements that have been reported as successes by those involved and how wilikeaks offered a glimpse on US inner thinking in deals with implications for public healthYou will find some more English language material in the Reports and Videos section.