Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Public Health and Diplomacy. Wikileaks lays bare US priorities.

More on the wikileaks saga. Good piece by Knowledge Ecology International relayed through IP-Health ( Vol 16, Issue 18 ) on the latest cables to be made public, regarding data exclusivity, one amongst several chief  features of TRIPS + like rules with serious implications for Public Health. Meanwhile, Bradley  Manning remains in jail, in harsh conditions. We shall not forget.

240 Wikileaks cables on pharmaceutical data exclusivity

The following are the cables identified in an August 29, 2011 search of the wikileaks cables,  using the search terms data exclusivity and pharmaceutical. This search identified 240 cables. Some 40 countries are mentioned in the cables. More than half of the cables involve 5 countries: Turkey (76), Taiwan (21), El Salvador (11), Honduras (11) and Tunisia (10).

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